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Jiangsu SOHO International Group Corp

Jiangsu SOHO International Group Co., Ltd founded in October 1979 as the largest foreign trade group under the holding group is a flagship subsidiary of the original Jiangsu silk group corporation. With the registered capital of 252 million yuan, its gross assets of the company is over five billion yuan, the net...【more】

Jiangsu Textile Group Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu Textile Group, of which the registered capital is 300 million RMB, the net assets is up to a billion RMB, at the same time, the total assets is up to four billion RMB, and its annual import and export value is around 700 million US Dollars. The company was formerly known as the bureau of textile industry of Jiangsu...【more】

Artall Culture Group Co.,Ltd.

Artall Culture Group (ACG) is a subsidiary of SOHO holding Group, a state-owned company authorized by the Jiangsu Provincial People's government, dealing with cultural assets operation and investment with a registered capital of360 millionyuan. ACG group has always deemed it its duty to build cultural industry integration chain. We pursue scientific development, take company ...【more】

Jiangsu SOHO Investment Group Co.,Ltd.

Founded in July 2011, Jiangsu SOHO Investment Group Co., Ltd specializes in the stock and equity management of SOHO holdings group, and engages in the investment of burgeoning industrial fund, the Private Equity and venture investments and so on. With the registered capital of 300 million RMB, it is the integrated platform of the investment business of SOHO holdings group...【more】


Holly Futures Co.,Ltd.

As the nationally-known brand service, Holly Futures Co., Ltd, a large futures company approved by CSRC, is the top ten of futures companies in China, and also is the leading enterprise of the futures industry in Jiangsu Province. With the registered capital of 680 million RMB and the net assets over a billion RMB, the company own 42 sales department across the country...【more】

Jiangsu SOHO Construction Group Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu SOHO Construction Group Co., Ltd, with registered capital of 300 million yuan, possesses total assets around two billion yuan and the net assets is 600 million yuan, controlling eight invested or holding subsidiaries. Among them, Jiangsu Artall Real estate Co., Ltd, Zhenjiang Hongyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Kunshan Soho Investment Co., Ltd, Nanjing Artall Resources Land Co....【more】

Jiangsu Tianhong Automobile Group Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu Tianhong Automobile Group Co., Ltd was established in September 1999, which is the cars' business units of the approval through the national industry and business bureau, taking the whole series of Shanghai GM Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac and the entire line of Dongfeng Peugeot, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep as its main products. The company also cooperated with SGM to set up...【more】

Jiangsu Holly Corporation

Founded in August 1979 with the registered capital of 246.7675 million shares, Jiangsu Holly Corporation, possesses total assets around three billion yuan and the net assets of 1.5 billion yuan. Jiangsu Holly Corporation was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in1997 (Stock Code:600128), becoming the first stock in Jiangsu foreign trade industry. Having an excellent display in the fields...【more】

Jiangsu Financial Holding Co.,Ltd.(Hong Kong)

Jiangsu Financial Holding Co., Ltd., referred to as the Jiangsu financial holding, original SOHO Co., Ltd., established in 1984, registered for Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong 79-81, Fortis building, 20th floor, block D, management, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Convention Plaza office building, room 1403, mainly engaged in investment, consulting, leasing, trade, etc.(laws and regulations...【more】


Jiangsu SOHO Health Industry Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu soho health industry co., LTD. Is a provincial key state-owned enterprises - jiangsu soho holding group set up wholly owned secondary group, mainly to undertake soho holding one of the four main business "health industry investment, development, business and trade, mainly to undertake" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "major investment projects in jiangsu province...【more】


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